Nursing is a Progressive Art such that standstill is to go backwards  ~ Florence Nightingale


  • Qualified bedside nurses will have an all inclusive and fully funded educational and healing experience


  • Beautiful Healing Destinations


  • Each nurse provides a minimum of 2 Spa Patient Treatments/month
           1 nurse X 2 patients/month = 24 patients/year
           20 nurses X 2 patient/month = 800 patients/year
           200 nurses x 2 patients/month= 4,800 patients/year


The goal of this research to determine

  • Which interventions are most effective
           Subjective data is equally important as objective data
           Patient/family/nurse feedback
  • Generate evidence that this practice is effective, valued and needed
  • Information we collect is only pertinent the care provided
  • We honor HIPPA guidelines

The Spa Patient Community:

Our goal is to build communities that are uplifting, supportive, informative, inspiring, empowering and educating through our

  • Facebook Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Podcast
  • Email List

Things We Plan to Do

  • Discuss topics related to Health and Patient Care
  • Interview Healthcare Professionals
  • Present Nurse‚Äôs Notes, Tips, Tools and Techniques
  • Discuss Power Your Yin: Notes on Healing Within
          Our book and Fundraiser for Spa Patient Nurse Retreat and Training
  • Featured Topics Will Be Updated Weekly