Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses…We must be learning all of our lives  ~ Florence Nightingale

We bring together like-minded nurses in beautiful destinations for our retreat style training. Our goal is to heal the healers and teach them skills that promote relaxation and restore wholeness in the patients they serve.

Our comprehensive program includes:

Spa Patient Nurse Retreat:

  • All inclusive accommodations in beautiful healing destinations
  • Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice
  • Healthy Meals and Snacks
  • Energy and vibrational healing experiences
  • Creating friendships and experiences of a lifetime

Spa Patient Nurse Training:

  • 8 learning objectives/demonstration
  • Reiki Level 1 Attunement
  • Certificate/ Pinning Ceremony

Qualified candidates for Spa Patient Nurse Retreat and Training:

  • Must provide Direct Bedside Patient Care in the specialty that we are training (ie) Surgical ICU Retreat and Training will only be open to Surgical ICU nurses. Mom-Baby Retreat and Training will only be open to Mom-Baby nurses

Must agree to sign

  1. Peace & Participation Contract
  2. Promise to Serve Contract
  3. No Compete Contract

Peace & Participation Contract

  • Come with an open heart
  • No bullying, gossiping or body shaming
  • No Social Media during retreat & training experience
  • Participate in all lessons and activities
  • Complete:
        Assessment Test
        Reiki Attunement
        Training Evaluation

Promise to serve contract

  • Must perform a minimum of 2 Spa Patient Spa Treatments per month to the patient population you serve
  • Submit monthly patient treatment evaluations

No Compete Contract

  • You cannot monetize or monopolize off of our gift to you

Application Process

  • Details on
        Who- which specialty of bedside nurses
        When- dates of retreat
        How- to apply for our retreat & training
        Our goal is to give you 3 months notice
  • We will announce all the deets on our social platforms and bulletin board