Rachelle Fudge, RN

Associates of Nursing 2004
Bachelors of Nursing 2006

Clinical Experience:
Solid-Organ Transplant

Intensive Care Units:
Cardiovascular/ Cardiothoracic

Additional Training:
Reiki Master Teacher 2016
Holistic Health Practitioner 2016
200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2019
30 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2019
Chair Yoga Teacher Training 2020
Professional Death Doula Training 2020

Community Service:
Hospice of Santa Barbara Patient Care Volunteer
Council on Aging Volunteer
Dock Yoga


Meet my Angel Assistant & Apprentice Meley

My name is Melanie, and I am an intuitive empath, energy reader, artist, and crystal soul healer. Nature is my solace, and helping other fellow beings is my calling. I have been drawn to crystals ever since I was a little girl, and over the years, my passion for them grew, as I learned more about their powerful healing energies and have been ever-so drawn to their endless beauty.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and am in-process of pursuing higher education so I can further help the human race mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My passion is making the world a better place, and incorporating art, love, magic, and crystals into everything I do.





Hi, friends! My name is Rachelle and I’d like to personally welcome you to Spa Patient! I am a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Instructor Author and Founder of this Patient-Inspired Nursing Service & Training Program.

At age 5, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. I am thankful that I followed that dream; I graduated from nursing school when I was 24. While traveling throughout the United States as a nurse, I had the opportunity to work in a variety of hospitals and nursing units. I noticed a positive trend whenever I provided patient’s with my, “Spa Care.” This about creating a healing environment and providing 1 on 1 care where Patients can truly Relax, Restore and Heal. “Spa time” is Healing Time. This motivated me to create the Spa Patient: A comprehensive Nurse Retreat and Training Program. The more nurses I train, the more patients we can serve, collaboratively.

Let’s be honest and acknowledge that nurse burnout and compassion fatigue are both very real. The sad truth is that Our Healers Need Healing. Retreat-Style Training offers a chance for likeminded nurses to unite, find sanctuary, and learn holistic interventions they can utilize in their personal and professional lives. It is my Goal to Create a Change in the Bedside Care Experience.

Hands-On, Compassionate Healing is just one way to make an Invaluable Difference in the Lives of Patients and their Families. Check out the testimonials to see what others have to say about Spa Patient care.

My inspiration for Power Your Yin: Notes on Healing Within, Florence Nightingale! Her efforts during the Crimean War helped many soldiers and her philosophies are still respected and implemented at beside today. In her book, Notes on Nursing, Nightingale highlights the Importance of Spiritual Care. She recognized the strong correlation between Mind, Body and Spiritual Health. She believed that ALL Humans, regardless of age/race/socioeconomic status, deserved the Totality of Health.

Her passion and vision paved the road for nurses over the last 150 years. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 2020 is the year for Nurses and Midwives. The organization strives to advance nurses’ vital position in transforming healthcare around the world while honoring the 200th birthday of the ‘Mother of Modern Day Nursing.’ A generous portion of proceeds from Power Your Yin: Notes on Healing Within book sales supports the Spa Patient Nurse Retreat and Training Program.



Meet our Creative Collaborator Mermaid Kelly

My creativity has fought its way out of me since birth. I have tried to “be” other things, but I always come back to me, the artist. Over a lifetime, I have learned to embrace it, channel it, and find outlets to put it out into the world. I am primarily a mixed media artist, which in plain terms, I put “stuff” on my artwork. I know a piece of me resides in each piece of art that I create, my struggles and my triumphs, because they are engrained in every brush stroke. Art IS therapy. I am on a continual journey discovering who I am in my personal life, in this body I was gifted, but what I do know is what I am.
I am. An artist.
Peace and love,
Kelly E. Claeys